Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finding Uncle Cheng.

Some will remember Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodle from the Section 17 days. Julian Cheng, the man behind this special restaurant, used to run his stall alongside the infamous "Brother" Chicken Rice (or known to some as "James" Chicken Rice, just because James was the man who gives out his handphone number to customers while his brother/partner serves the chicken).

Then Julian moved his business down a slope, and across the road, to Restoran Khasiat Cafeteria.

Over two years ago, Julian Cheng and Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodles went missing-in-action. Ever since, I kept an eye and ear out for his whereabouts, but there wasn't a single drop of news till two months back.

I drove by the outskirts of SS2, PJ area, where the Taman Bahagia LRT station is, and just before the traffic lights at the junction that joins Taman Megah (where the original Fatty Crab restaurant is), I saw on my left, smacked right in the middle, on a row of shoplots, was a restaurant with the designer-ish Uncle Cheng signage.

It took me another month before I finally stopped and walked in.

Yes! I've found Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodle, again. And it's new and improved with a stewed minced beef topping. The rest of the condiments remain the same – bouncy, munchy beef balls; crunchy beef tripes, briskets and tendons; hum choy (salted vegetable); fried groundnuts; and free-flow of power-packed beef broth.

What's new here as well, is the serving method of beef, tripes, briskets and/or tendons – in a claypot. All prepared on-the-spot.

The other new dishes include Herbal Lamb Shank (close up shot below), Oxtail Special, Beef Feet Special, Tendon Beef Balls, Herbal Silkie (Black Silkie Chicken), "Gearbox" (Bone Marrow), Beef Shank & Shin), Herbal Kampong Chicken (Free Range Chicken) and more.

To be 100% accurate with your orders, do call 012-303 0626 and specify how you want your meal served.

Lunch is served
And if you're lucky, Julian Cheng will serve you personally. But only if you're lucky, like that swanky dude in the photo.

Claypot Herbal Lamb Shank
Now this is the Herbal Lamb Shank in a claypot. As you can see, the meat is practical falling off the bone, which is simply awesome if you do not have strong jaws and am a fan of mutton cooked well in a balanced blend of herbal broth that's not overpowering.

What's the address? It's 54, Jalan SS2/4A, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The business hours are usually from 9am to 4pm. And they're closed on Wednesdays.

Heard they'll be closed this coming Sunday (5 May) for GE13. So they can do their part in voting for a better government, a better Malaysia, and a better future for the next generation of Malaysians. And so you can, too.

Ini KALI lah!

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